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Attn. Smart Marketers and Business Owners...

Re: Finding Proven Content for Your Products, Blogs, etc.


Most people do not realize it, but when the copyright or patent expires on a creative work (book, magazine, work of art, etc.), anyone may freely use that work LEGALLY in any manner they choose without the obligation of paying royalties to the creator of the work. I'm talking about proven content produced by some of the greatest writers, artists, inventors and professionals to have ever lived. It's ALL yours...NOW! This is HUGE. It's called the Public Domain, and if you're not capitalizing on the wealth of content available to you in the Public Domain, you're missing out on an incredible opportunity!

PICTURE THIS...Here is what is waiting for you RIGHT NOW in the Public Domain:

Over 85 million books, many written by the greatest authors and thinkers to have ever walked the earth.

The full rights to a private collection of art produced by the world's finest artists, illustrators and photographers.

The keys to a movie vault containing thousands of classics you know and love—all at your fingertips—from vintage movies to cartoons and documentaries.

Full, unhindered access to the millions of reports, books, videos and images produced by our government every year at a cost of millions.

This is MASSIVE for anyone doing business online for one simple reason...

It's easier to create a product from something that already exists
rather than create it from scratch.

All great Marketers know this! Do you really think they write all the products they create?
NO WAY! As a matter of fact, using Public Domain works will provide you with the same "unfair" advantages as the Marketing Experts because THEY know as you should that Public Domain works can be used to QUICKLY:

  • Republish as-is as a downloadable e-book
  • Use content to develop How-to Course
  • Update or rewrite material for new product
  • Use content to develop Mini-Course by e-mail or online
  • Record reading as an audio book
  • Use content as e-zine articles
  • Use content for web pages along with AdSense
  • Use content to create videos for YouTube, Google Video, etc
  • Use collection of PD books to create a membership site
  • Use audio and video to create mobil content for iPods

Here's the problem...

WHERE and HOW do you find these works?

Trying to find quality Public Domain books, images, movies and other resources can be a frustrating process. You can literally spend hundreds of hours following research rabbit trails and pouring over search results trying to HOPEFULLY turn up that elusive Public Domain gem...until NOW!

Let me introduce you to the EASY WAY
to find Proven Content in the Public Domain...

With the Public Domain Express Toolbar, you now have INSTANT access to online resources for EASILY finding Public Domain works right from your Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Flock browser. This brand-new tool changes the rules for Public Domain research by giving you finger-tip access to...

Imagine being able to perform Public Domain keyword, author or title searches using
your choice of 8 different search databases that would give you FAST access
to books, photos, audios and videos and MORE...regardless of your niche!

The Search feature alone makes the "Public Domain Express Toolbar"
a valuable asset for your online research arsenel...

But there's more...MUCH MORE!

The "Public Domain Express Toolbar" also provides you with
INSTANT access to over 75 Public Domain-related websites that includes:

No more wasting hours trying to find obscure Public Domain websites with
literary treasures. The Public Domain Expert Toolbar, Lite Edition includes simple access
to dozens of Book Collection Sites, Publisher Sites, Booksellers & MORE!

You can find thousands of Photographs, Artwork, Audios, Movies and
A LOT more through this collection of media website links.

Nearly every information product produced by the Federal Government is in the
Public Domain. Save valuable time by gaining quick access to top government websites.

Sometimes Copyright Law can be a little blurry concerning the status of certain
resources. Now you have one-click access to valuable copyright resources,
not just for the United States, but for other countries as well.

Having the RIGHT tools and resources can mean the difference between success in your online business ventures and certain failure. We include direct links to some of the TOP Information Product resources available to help you achieve the success you deserve!

I think you'll agree that The Public Domain Express Toolbar is a COMPLETE RESEARCH SOLUTION for quickly, simply and easily locating proven content in the Public Domain.

So, by now, you're probably thinking...

"WOW! This is exactly what I need...
How Much Does It Cost?"

The truth's NOT for sale. You see, because I want to see you succeed with Public Domain content, I've already done all the hard work for you by creating this Toolbar. And so, to put my money where my mouth is, I am going to invest that hard work into YOU by handing you hundreds of hours of my own personal research, testing and software creation for FREE.

You read correctly...FREE!

There's NO CATCH! Now, you can "hit the ground running" right away. NO MORE wasting countless hours trying find those Public Domain gold mines!

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Tony Laidig
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NOTE: Public Domain Toolbar Express will work with IE5.0 and above, including IE8. It will also work with Firefox 1.0 through 3.01 and beyond. It will work on Win95, Win98, WinME, Win2000, WinXP and Vista. It also work with the Flock browser. It is compatible with all recent Microsoft updates but will also work on a system where no service packs or updates were installed. While this is primarily a Windows-Only program that installs into your Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox browser, the Firefox version ALSO works on the Mac including all the latest versions of OSX. I have included installers for BOTH Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Please also note that there have been conflicts reported with AVG and Avast free versions of their anti-virus software. Make sure these are turned off before installing.


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